I have been trying to get a prescription filled for two weeks.

The drug store told me it faxed the request, as the clinic requested, but got no response. I have called the clinic twice for the refill and twice for an appointment. I have not receive my refill, and I don’t have an appointment either. My last unsuccessful call to the clinic supplied me with the helpful information that I could go to the after-hours emergency clinic for treatment.

I now understand very concretely why the poor in our country use emergency rooms for their primary care. I, as a Yale student, may be forced to do the same thing. How does an hourly worker find the time to do what I have done over the last two weeks when I was trying to get medical care and an Ivy League university?

Perhaps the university could hire another doctor and allow students and doctors more than 15-minute visits. Perhaps students could be treated as if the clinic did not have a monopoly on its business.

Debbie McLeod Sears

The writer is a second-year student at the Divinity School.