ITS recognizes the wireless network at Yale has become an important service provided to students, faculty and staff across campus. For many of you it has become critical to your studies, research and entertainment. The University has made, and is continuing to make, considerable investments to provide wireless network coverage across Yale. This summer, we are concluding the residential phase by installing wireless for students on Old Campus.

ITS is committed to ensuring a stable and consistently well-performing wireless network. To meet this goal we have created a centralized form at . Please use this form to report problems with the wireless network. These reports will greatly help us work toward a solution to the current issues.

In addition, students may also contact STC at 432-5242 or in person at the Technology Troubleshooting Office in the Bass Library. Faculty and staff may also report problems to their local support provider ( or the ITS Helpdesk at 785-3200, 432-9000 or .

Loriann Higashi and David Galassi

The writers are the manager of the ITS Student Technology Collaborative and the director of ITS Network Services, respectively.