People of Yale! I bear a message from the After-World pertaining to this Run-Off for Treasure-Hoarder so that you might carry out the wishes of these unknown hands in electing Adam Thomas to be your Treasure-Guardian.

I slept fitfully last night, consumed by a strange vision. My dream transported me to the far-off Graznoria, where our forefathers’ and foremothers’ spirits roam. I passed through a portal and emerged in a tomb that surpassed even Commons in its monumentality, and my footfalls echoed across its smooth marble floors. Letters carved by an ancient hand read: ADAM THOMAS IS THE FUTURE.

The higher powers have spoken to me. I, Colin Adamo, loyal Knight of Yale, hereby endorse Adam Thomas ’12 for YCC treasurer.

Colin Adamo

April 15

The writer is a junior in Pierson College and a candidate for Yale College Council treasurer.