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In a surprising turn of events sure to complicate this year’s runoff election for Yale College Council Treasurer, Colin Adamo ’10 has endorsed his only opponent, Adam Thomas ’12.

Adamo announced he was backing Thomas in a statement to the News on Wednesday evening, though Adamo said he is not withdrawing from the contest. The move follows the decision of defeated candidate Yanni Legmpelos ’12 to publicly endorse Adamo.

“People of Yale!” Adamo’s statement began. “I bear a message from the After-World pertaining to this Run-Off for Treasure-Hoarder so that you might carry out the wishes of these unknown hands in electing Adam Thomas to be your Treasure-Guardian.”

The impetus to support Thomas came from a dream he had, Adamo wrote.

Upon learning of the endorsement, Thomas said he was “very thankful,” adding that Adamo’s support made him feel more confident about his prospects in the upcoming race.

“That was a very nice thing for him to do,” Thomas said.

Although Adamo won the most votes of any candidate for Treasurer in Tuesday’s YCC Executive Board elections, he defeated Thomas by a margin of less than 5 percent, triggering a runoff under YCC election law.

Prior to Adamo’s endorsement, Wednesday afternoon found the two candidates contemplating the second round of voting rather differently.

“It would make sense to try to campaign more, and I’m trying,” Thomas said Wednesday over a rushed lunch in Branford College. “But it’s difficult because I have so many commitments today.”

Thomas said he had talked to several friends about spreading positive word of mouth, and would continue to remind people to vote until the polls close Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

In a Wednesday afternoon e-mail to the News, Adamo said he is not concerned about the outcome of today’s election.

“Victory is and always has been inevitable,” he said. “I have not campaigned in any way whatsoever. And I am committed to that.”

Thomas said he likes and respects his opponent, but believes his experience as chair of the Freshman Class Council and his dedication to making a difference in the lives of Yale students makes him the best candidate for the post.

Thomas wrote in his candidacy statement that he is “awed daily” by the “unique spirit” of Yale’s student body.

“As treasurer I would dedicate myself to serving my fellow Yalies in order to help that spirit grow to its fullest potential,” he wrote.

Adamo wrote in his candidacy statement that he is the person for the job because, “I am the strongest from all the digging that it takes to get to treasure,” adding, “Yalies are going to vote for me because I give them the hope, the dream, of discovering something as valuable as treasure. Not just under the X’s that mark the spots on maps, but in their own hearts.”

Jon Wu ’11, who will serve as YCC President next year, said he believes either candidate has the potential to do a good job as treasurer. Thomas has shown leadership in his role as FCC chair, Wu said, and Adamo has done so by serving as co-chair of Community Health Educators and helping to organize Yale Sex Week.

Newly elected Vice President Abigail Cheung ’11 said she knows Colin would take the role of treasurer seriously, but is concerned that students may only be voting for him because he is funny.

“I’m a little worried that people are voting for him knowing he’s a joke candidate, since YCC Treasurer is an important role,” she said.

Voting will take place on the Web site Polls for the run-off election open at 9 a.m. Thursday morning and close at 11:59 p.m. the same day..