Prospective members of one of Yale’s senior societies interrupted a “Porn in the Morn” lecture yesterday morning. The miscreants demonstrated to students the proper way to put on condoms, using a banana as a prop. After someone pointed out that the demonstrator had forgotten to pinch the tip of the condom, professor Bill Summers proceeded to put a condom over the microphone on the lectern.

Inexplicable activity at Payne Whitney was reported yesterday when a group of girls walked around the building carrying boxes of donuts and offering them to passersby. Less than one hour later, another group of people was spotted wearing ’80s-style workout outfits in front of the gym.

The first Club Sports Formal was held last night at Elevate Lounge on Crown Street. The event featured an open bar from 10 p.m. to midnight and dancing until 1 a.m.

Hold the sprouts, please. The versatile vegetable will be conspicuously absent from dining halls following the discovery of a potentially harmless organism by Amalgamated Produce, a frozen food company in Bridgeport, last week.

More ways to procrastinate. PocketTowers, the new online game by the creators of GoCrossCampus, was released today on The objective of the multi-player game is to destroy your opponent’s fortifications while defending your own. As with its predecessor, the appeal of the game lies in the possibility of creating teams and playing in real time.

In an e-mail message sent yesterday, students residing in Saybrook College were reminded to refrain from bringing food and drinks into the Saybrook TV room because “there are constantly new stains on the carpet and the couches and it’s very expensive to clean.”

Choose Life at Yale (CLAY), a pro-life group on campus, will hold its annual candlelight vigil “for the victims of abortion” on Cross Campus from 9 to 11 p.m. tonight.

This day in Yale history

1974 A rowdy crowd of students disrupted a debate in SSS where William Shockley, a visiting Stanford physicist, was set to argue a theory of racial IQ inferiority. Despite threats of suspension, the Elis continued chanting, “Nazi Shockley!,” “Go home, Racist!,” and “No debate!,” and brought the proceedings to a halt.

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