In a field of one joke candidate and two freshmen, we found no candidate who stood far above the others, but we offer our endorsement to Adam Thomas ’12. Thomas, the current chair of the Freshman Class Council, is more experienced and appears more prepared to take on the duties of a YCC Executive Board member than his one serious opponent, Yanni Legmpelos ’12.

In his interview, Legmpelos admitted he is open to bold changes next year. He said it is “outrageous” that Spring Fling receives such a large percentage of the YCC budget, and suggested the council’s money would be better spent on more, smaller concerts and even new events, such as a Dramat-produced musical in Woolsey Hall. He claimed he is “quantitative-based in skills and personality” and said he would seek more student input on the budget.

Whether his plans are seen as visionary or absurd, we have more serious concerns about his personal qualities. The News has heard from people who worked with Legmpelos this year that he was regularly unconstructive in his role as Ivy Council liaison and distinctly unreliable when working on YCC-specific projects.

Thomas did not inspire great confidence in his interview, but we trust he will be a competent treasurer if elected. We were disturbed that he misstated the YCC budget, inflating the real number by about $50,000. And we were disappointed that he seemed unfamiliar with the reasons Eli Bucks failed in the YCC’s last attempt to pass the project. (He also said he would approach Dean Gentry and Dean Miller to make another try, and we hope he learns quickly that the most visible administrators are not necessarily the correct people to contact regarding complex, long-term projects like this one.)

But such facts can be learned, and Thomas’ experience as the chair of the Freshman Class Council suggests he has earned the confidence of the classmates he has worked with and learned how to operate on a board like the YCC’s. Our knowledge of his experience working with the YCC suggests he is hard-working, reliable and constructive. He will face a steep learning curve if elected, but we trust he will fulfill his job responsibilities and become more adept in the position with time.

We should note that we appreciated the humorous platform of Colin Adamo ’10, and we are distinctly disappointed he did not show up for his scheduled interview. We, too, would like our treasurer to find more treasure.