Treasurer candidate Colin Adamo ’10 said he is confident about his bid to “discover treasure as treasurer.”

As a Yale College Council outsider running for the first time, Adamo is looking forward to “figuring out the inner workings” of Yale’s student government. Despite running against two experienced Freshman Class Council representatives — FCC representative Yanni Legmpelos ’12 and FCC chair Adam Thomas ’12 — Adamo is laid-back and ever-joking.

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“It’s between me and Freshman One and Freshman Two,” he said of his opponents. “I think I’ve got this.”

And when asked Thursday if his candidacy were a prank — as is popularly believed — and what he would do if he were elected, Adamo responded: “Well I plan on winning so we’ll cross that bridge. And underneath will be treasure.”

Adamo said he is overqualified for the position, citing that he has worked around 10 campus jobs, including for the Yale Center for British Art and the Yale University Art Gallery. He has also worked for the Film Studies Center.

“All I had to do was sit around,” Adamo said. “But I had to be on time, at least.”

And Adamo’s plan to raise money: Abolish the Poland Spring water containers in offices and cut the funding for basement vending machines. Basically, he said, he wants to cut convenience so Yale has more money to spend on other things.

Adamo said his latest financial project was saving money for his spring break trip to Florida by scraping pennies, eating canned tuna and not eating out. He also boasts that he is adept at cutting costs to save money, a good characteristic for a future treasurer, he said.

“My mission is the to find the little pockets of treasure that we can hold on to,” Adamo said, adding that the Yale community is being too paranoid about the economic downturn. “We lost $8 billion, but we still have billions upon billions of dollars.”

Remarked Adamo: “Obama had change. But I’ve got treasure.”