• As University officials struggle to balance the $100 million budget gap, cost-cutting suggestions — 172 of them — are flowing into Woodbridge Hall, sent by staff members just wanting to help.
  • For the three Democratic candidates for Ward 1 Alderman, it’s all about whom you know. Minh Tran ’09 knows Vice President for New Haven and State Affairs and Campus Development Bruce Alexander ’65; Mike Jones ’11, Chief Administrative Officer Robert Smuts ’01; and Katie Harrison ’11, Community Services Administrator Kica Matos. But does meeting these people help these eager student prospects?
  • Members of the Yale Political Union received a crash course on the Yale-Peru conflict in a YPU debate with former Peru first lady Eliana Karp-Toledo. The resolution: the unequivocal return of Machu Picchu artifacts by Yale University.

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    Lunch: Rachel sandwiches and coleslaw in the colleges; shrimp with pink vodka sauce, orange chicken stir-fry in Commons

    Dinner: Pork burger and penne roasted chicken in the colleges; meatloaf, quinoa almond pilaf in Commons