Pierson College won Olympic glory — of the freshman variety — this weekend, avenging its last-place finish in last year’s Freshman Olympics. Branford, Saybrook and Pierson colleges were all tied after Saturday’s events, but Pierson dominated the tiebreakers Sunday, which consisted of word unscrambling of Beatles songs, a cartwheeling competition, a three-legged race and a water flip cup game.

Juniors need not fear homelessness, at least in Davenport. According to a Friday e-mail from Davenport Dean Craig Harwood, “it looks like we will have enough room for all juniors on campus or adjacent to campus in our traditional annex apartments directly next to campus: 210 Park St. and the row houses at 90 and 94 York Square Place.”

Attention, science majors: The trip up Science Hill is about to get even longer. Prospect Street Bridge, currently the most direct route up Science Hill by foot or automobile, will be closed to vehicular traffic for about a year starting this summer.

A Facebook group has been created in support of Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh’s nomination to the State Department. The group description states, “We should not allow a far-right minority to define one of the brightest legal minds of our generation.”

The bells of Harkness Tower received some bad press yesterday — Ted Everhart ’09, a Saybrugian, posted a number of flyers around campus that read, “Yale Carillon: What you do is RUDE. Please stop immediately.”

Frog fanatic David Skelly, a professor at Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, was featured on the PBS show “Nature” yesterday evening. He presented his findings in a segment entitled “Frogs: The Thin Green Line.”

An article in Friday’s New York Times featured Yale astrophysicist Kevin Schawinski and his Web site, GalaxyZoo.org. The site allows users to classify galaxies online; 200,000 people have participated so far. Another Yale astronomy researcher, Shanil Virani, said: “There are still great advances made by amateur astronomers. They’re the ones looking at the night sky.”

Broadway was defiled by orange spray graffiti on several shops, including Thali Too and Campus Customs, yesterday morning.

This day in Yale history

1977 Former News Chairman William F. Buckley Jr. ’50 spoke to students in Pierson College dining hall. Buckley joked with the crowd and thanked then–Pierson Master Gaddis Smith ’54 GRD ’61 (also a former News chairman) for allowing him to talk about something other than politics. Instead, he reminisced about his sailing days.

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