Watch out, Skull and Bones: Yale has a new secret society. Cup & Plate is a group that will eat together on Tuesday and Thursday at predetermined dining halls. Group members are committed to eat without trays in an attempt to highlight the demand for trayless dining.

Today is National Walk to Work Day, and New Haven is kicking off its Spring Street Smarts campaign this morning with the unveiling of new in-road pedestrian signs that will be placed around the Elm City in the coming weeks.

One of the pedestrian signs has already arrived at the intersection of College and Wall streets. There is now a fluorescent yellow sign informing drivers that according to state law, they must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Jonathan Edwards is missing a table from its library. Students in JE received an e-mail yesterday from JE Operations Manager Teri Muro telling them that if “it magically reappears there will be no consequences.”

In other theft news, the Trumbull Master’s Office e-mailed Trumbullians yesterday afternoon warning students to keep their doors locked because of two reported thefts in the college within the past few weeks.

The “History of Life” lecture in Kline Geology Lab had a late start yesterday due to a “fossil alarm” that went off at the beginning of class.

Rufus Wainwright fans can join others of like mind today on Old Campus. From 2 to 5 p.m. there a pep rally will feature Wainwright’s music, free food and drinks, flyers and ticket sales for his upcoming Yale concert (assuming the event organizers bring their laptops).

Celebrate Pride (the Yale way) with a “PRIDE party” in celebration of “queerpril.” The event, organized by the LGBT Co-op and Friends, will be held tonight at 10 p.m. in the Women’s Center.

For (possibly) more conservative students, “pop your collar” for the Country Club Rave at 10 p.m. in Ezra Stiles’ dining hall. Tickets for “the best rave of the year” are $5 at the door.

“Bird Feathers Produce Color Through Structure Similar to Beer Foam.” These strangely titled findings are the result of work by Yale researchers, published in the online journal Soft Matter.

This day in Yale history
1967 C. Mahlon Kline died at 86. He was the principal donor of Yale’s then–$18 million science center, including the Kline Biology Tower and the Kline Geology Lab. His gifts to Yale were “based on his belief that industry must depend on academic research for its future.”

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