Study: Autistic children miss social cues

According to a new Yale study, 2-year-olds with autism lack signs of attention to social cues that help newborn babies pay attention to other people. Published in the March 29 online issue of Nature, the study finds that, while non-autistic children pay attention to all human biological motion, autistic children only pay attention to movements that are physically synchronous with sounds — thus missing information necessary for normal social interaction.

YUHS to become smoke-free

As of today, the Yale University Health Services facility and grounds will be completely tobacco-free, YUHS officials have announced. Smoking will be banned on all YUHS property, which includes the driveways, entryways, stairs to Helen Hadley Hall, parking lots and seating outside the building. The smoke-free policy follows on the heels of Yale-New Haven Hospital’s decision to ban smoking on its facility and grounds in January of this year.