A fourth Spring Fling act is expected to be announced today. YSAC Chair Colin Leatherbury ’09 said the Jonas Brothers will join N*E*R*D, Wale and Girl Talk at Yale’s annual concert, which will take place this year on April 28.

Societies tap. The annual Tap Night for senior societies last night saw dozens of drunken seniors and costumed juniors rushing across Old Campus. “At last!” exclaimed one ecstatic junior outside Vanderbilt Hall.

The Connecticut State Senate yesterday introduced a bill that would repeal Public Act 06-112, the updated underage drinking law originally enacted in October 2006. If the act is successfully repealed, students will once again be shielded from legal action while drinking on Yale’s campus.

The University is investigating the possibility of purchasing half of the New Haven Green, from Temple to College streets. City spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said the deal would both alleviate the city’s economic struggles and provide a convenient location for the two new residential colleges.

City residents, however, were less excited about the prospect of the University expanding further. A spontaneous protest erupted on the Green minutes after Mayorga’s announcement.

Wait, that wasn’t Ludacris? One of Ludacris’ publicity agents wrote an e-mail to the News expressing confusion that his client was purportedly at Yale last week. In fact, Ludacris was sailing across the Atlantic with fellow hip-hop artist T-Pain. No word yet on the identity of the rapper’s impostor.

Katie Harrison ’11 was in the recording studio all day last week, creating a new rap album, “Who Is Katie Harrison?” The hit single is called “Single Alders.”

Perhaps inspired by Howard Dean ’71, George W. Bush ’68 mentioned in an interview yesterday that he would like to teach a course at his alma mater “sometime in the next three years.”

Arnaud de Rayon, the celebrated French post-structuralist literary theorist, will lead an interactive workshop on “bi-contemporality in the homogenous field of the post-reconstucted deconstructionist world” in LC 102 at 4 p.m. today.

This day in Yale history2009 It’s April Fool’s Day.

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