Before you read further, go to and watch the video of Charley Drucker ’08 and Mary Ellen Leuver ’06 GRD ’12, who got married Sunday. Theirs is a romance born in a Yale seminar and bred at their “favorite bookstore café.” Leuver was a TA for our “Porn in the Morn” class last year, and Drucker, though he wasn’t in the class, came to every lecture, braving slides of chlamydia just to be with her. We couldn’t find words to express the beauty of their relationship, until we wrote these limericks.

A Limerick to Charles Drucker on the Occasion of his Wedding to Mary Ellen Leuver

While watching the sleeping Drosophila,

You’re wishin’ that she was on top of ya.

Still stuck in New Haven,

Consummation you’re savin’,*

But tell me, O Charley, what’s stoppin’ ya?

*Editorial note: An educated guess.

A Limerick to Mary Ellen Leuver on the Occasion of her Wedding to Charles Drucker

You look like a Walt Disney princess,

And a small bearded man is your business.

But since you’re Snow White,

When he turns out the light

Don’t scream, ‘Dopey dear, what is THIS?’