Where I Went: Educated Burgher, 53 Broadway

What I Ate: Ham and Egg Sandwich with American Cheese

What It Set Me Back: $2.90 plus tax

I grew up on McMuffins. Whenever I was away from home and craved a quick breakfast, a McMuffin is what I’d get. Unlike New Haven, my hometown does not have numerous non-franchised places to grab breakfast sandwiches, as our greasy spoons tend to focus more on lunch and dinner. Limited by my innocence, I always settled on Ronald McDonald’s stack of egg, ham, cheese and muffin.

When I came to New Haven, though, my eyes were opened. Not that there’s anything wrong with a McMuffin (although I admit that I’m now more of a McGriddles fan). But there’s just something mouth-watering about the quality of the individually-produced breakfast sandwiches made by local joints around Yale. The eggs are fresher, the meat has more savor and the toasted muffins actually resemble real bread products. All in all, greater care is put into each sandwich, and the difference in taste is astounding.

The first breakfast sandwich I had in New Haven is still my favorite, and I always eat it as an after-dinner snack to satisfy that post-homework craving. The combination of eggs and meat in handheld form always appeals to me late at night. And Educated Burgher’s take remains the best I’ve had. Salty ham pairs perfectly with fluffy egg, all held together by goopy American cheese in a robust English muffin. Perfection for less than $3 —what a McMuffin wishes it could be.

Educated Burgher is open seven days a week. It serves breakfast sandwiches up until its 10 p.m. closing time.