Pierson College Dean Amerigo Fabbri got the green light on Wednesday to stay in the country for as long as he wants. According to an e-mail message sent out by Pierson Master Harvey Goldblatt, Dean Fabbri received his “Permanent Residence in the USA” card.

Three paintings were stolen from the Slifka Center from an art exhibit on the second floor sometime in the past two days. Anyone with information about the larceny is encouraged to contact the Yale Police — but it might be hard to spot one of the pieces, as there is no photo of it on record.

Two of the three works taken were the work of Yale professor David Gelernter, with the final stolen piece being the work of his son, Daniel Gelernter ’10. The art, which is of unknown value, was intended to be part of an exhibit that was to run from Feb. 11 through March 31, though the exhibit has been taken down in response to the thefts.

Silliman’s dining hall was shuttered yesterday until further notice for “plumbing repairs,” forcing Sillimanders to eat at Chef Stu-less dining halls, at least for the foreseeable future. A sign on the door to the dining hall informed interested parties that the Korean table, usually located in Silliman, had been moved to nearby Timothy Dwight.

Some STEP coordinators have adopted desperate measures in the push for trayless dining. According to witnesses, a student in a green, skin-tight spandex suit reminiscent of Richard Simmons’ exercise garb walked around during dinner in Commons yesterday. His goal? To get students to sign a pledge to go trayless and unplug their electricity-consuming appliances over break.

Although the headliner acts for Yale’s Spring Fling are still unknown, Brown has decided to invite hip-hop star Nas and indie-pop band Of Montreal to headline their Spring Weekend. No word on whether Sean Kingston will make a cameo appearance at said event.

This day in Yale history

1956 The Freshman Activities Committee announced a game of Bladderball scheduled for the next weekend. Freshmen designed their own T-shirts for the game, and spectators were warned that “the battle is expected to be especially bloody.” The goal of the battle was, of course, to claim the grand prize: five cases of beer.

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