In light of yesterday’s article “Harrison ’11 faces scrutiny” (March 3), I would like to set the record straight and clarify my stances on the Elm City ID card. Since announcing my candidacy, I have emphasized that this is one of the issues that I would like to address as alderwoman, but I firmly believe that in that position I must work with other city officials on the big issues facing our city if we are to affect meaningful change.

Expanding the Elm City ID program is an essential part of my vision for a better New Haven, and I look forward to working closely with the Community Services Administration and JUNTA for Progressive Action on the issue of immigrants’ rights. I hope to build on the invaluable work that Kica Matos has already done for so many undocumented immigrants in New Haven. I look forward to our meeting in a few weeks, as she has established our city as a national leader in addressing this critical issue.

Furthermore, I am well aware that San Francisco’s resident card is modeled after the Elm City ID, a point of local pride I have continually emphasized. Analyzing how New Haven’s ID program has been successfully applied in other cities may be particularly helpful as we approach the question of how to expand the number of cardholders. I strongly advocate for identifying the best practices wherever they can be found.

My goal in this campaign is to start a true dialogue about this and other big issues facing the city — from development to crime to safe streets — and about what the job of the Ward 1 alder truly is. I welcome your questions and your ideas, and I look forward to working with you all.

Katie Harrison

March 3

The writer is a sophomore in Berkeley College and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Ward 1 alderman.