After reading Friday’s News article “Recruiting: Should Yale target locals?” (Feb. 27), I want to bring to your attention to the programs for New Haven high schools and their students that have long been in place at Yale but that were unfortunately not mentioned.

For over 30 years, Yale College has run the Yale-New Haven and Area High School Program, a program that allows about 50 high school students a year from New Haven and the local area to attend courses free of charge. This represents a tremendous opportunity for local students who can commute to Yale to take courses that not only prepare them for college (while earning credit), but also may encourage them to apply to Yale their senior year. In addition, Yale Summer Session has over many years sponsored up to 10 local public high school students from low-income families to attend summer courses for credit. The Shafer Family Summer Scholarship makes it possible to offer these high-achieving students a chance to take intensive summer courses and live on campus, completely for free.

These contributions to New Haven’s high schools should be recognized as significant ways that Yale supports the local community.

William Whobrey

Feb. 27

The writer is the assistant dean of Yale College for Yale Summer Session and Special Programs.