Litigation in the tomb. According to The Associated Press, the chairman of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe told reporters he was upset that Harlyn Geronimo, who is filing a lawsuit against Skull and Bones, hadn’t consulted him. “We don’t believe Geronimo’s remains should be disturbed,” he said.

Party in the tomb. St. Anthony Hall society, Feb Club and WYBC Yale Radio are throwing an extravaganza tonight at St. A’s headquarters, located at483 College St. Be there early, though, as only 75 people will be allowed inside at any time.

MUSI353, “Topics in World Music,” was canceled today after an unidentified man jumped in front of Professor Michael Veal’s Metro-North train just before 11 a.m. Although none of the passengers on board were hurt and Metro-North sent a “rescue train” to take them to Union Station, the man was killed.

“Brush your teeth twice tonight,” Jonathan Edwards operations manager Teri Muro warned in an e-mail to all JE students yesterday afternoon. Because of a “small leak” in the theater control room, cold water will not be available in JE entryways E, F and G from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. this morning.

More books for Yale’s stacks? The Arcadia Fund, a U.K.-based charitable foundation that is committed to funding “works that protect endangered treasures of culture and nature,” has given $5 million to Yale’s library system. The donation will help the library finish cataloging its collection of African materials.

Happy Dominican Independence Day! The Dominican Republic may have canceled an Independence Day military parade amid scandals linking soldiers to drug trafficking and crime, but La Casa Cultural is celebrating with a dinner, dominos night and dance party in the Saybrook 12-pack tonight.

The Gaze, Yale’s only undergraduate photo journal, has hit Yale dining halls. The magazine features 26 photographs of myriad scenes from birds perched on a roof to triplets, an essay and a poem. The publication was originally pegged for release last semester but was delayed due to technical problems. The journal will host a launch party tonight in Harrison Court.

In one of the most highly anticipated games in years, the men’s ice hockey team will take on Cornell tonight at 7 p.m. at Ingalls Rink. See story, page 14.

This day in Yale history

1985 The Yale campus was swept up in a sushi fad. According to David Leber ’86, this ancient Japanese tradition is considered “cool, and at Yale there is a high premium placed on being cool. So you can see how people are sometimes pressured to eat sushi.”

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