Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh is likely to be named the top lawyer for the State Department, the Washington Post reported Friday. (The News first reported on Feb. 5 that Koh was a leading candidate for the job; a Law School spokeswoman declined to comment Sunday.)

An update on Yale’s financial health, courtesy of University President Richard Levin, will arrive in the inboxes of Yale students, faculty and staff “early this week,” Levin told the News on Sunday.

Bringing back the trays? In an effort to replenish the 35,000 dining hall cups lost each year, STEP coordinators launched a new initiative last week to collect dining hall cups, along with trays, dishes and silverware, from students rooms and return them to dining halls. In Davenport alone, coordinators recovered one tray, 13 mugs, 41 utensils, 49 plates and 104 plastic glasses over the weekend.

In other STEP news, Branford coordinators e-mailed the college to deny involvement with posters in Branford entryways bearing the STEP logo. The posters ask students to save water by showering with a buddy and flushing the toilet only once a day. “Although we certainly appreciate any support for decreased water use, we appreciate good hygiene more,” wrote coordinators Jeanette Penniman ’11 and Aaron Sin ’10.

So much for being recession-proof. In an article in the News last week about the fate of student publications, the publisher of the Yale Herald, Marisol Ryu ’10, quizzically asserted that the Herald has not lost any business this year. In her “50 Most” profile in this weekend’s Rumpus, however, she changed her tune: “These are hard times,” she conceded. “Many of our local advertisers have dropped out.”

Four Jonathan Edwards juniors jammed their way to Rock Band fame, winning the Junior Class Council’s Rock Band Tournament with Queens of the Stone Age’s “Go With the Flow.” The lucky winners were Chris Mejia ’10, Nick Krug ’10, Eric Tsytsylin ’10 and Jasper Wang ’10.

“Why University Museums Matter,” an article in Sunday’s New York Times, used Yale’s museums to prove its thesis, praising current shows at the Yale Center for British Art, the Peabody Museum and the Yale University Art Gallery.

This day in Yale history

1978 Acting University President Hanna Gray announced $2 million in administrative cuts to reduce the $9.5 million budget deficit for the upcoming academic year. Part of the plan also included a $550 increase in tuition, an increase in student enrollment and the continuation of a hiring freeze.

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