A global opinion leader for printed T-shirts

One day, in Sweden, a group of young designers tired of the “standardized offerings” from multiple “soulless” brands. Firmly believing that no other garment but the T-shirt was the medium with which to express themselves, they created The T-shirt Store. With locations in Sweden and Denmark, the “People Dedicated to T-shirts” are constantly receiving designs from artists all over the world (as well as from me), producing limited editions of each and delivering them every week. Environmentally friendly, the tees are made with certified ecological cotton, and the prices range around $30.

Taking risks

The Sartorialist is among my bookmarked sites. There, I said it. Now that we’re on same page, let us review something Scott Schuman posted last week.

A random guy in Milan smokes a cigarette as he sports a black leather jacket and (drumroll, please) sweat pants. I don’t even want to elaborate on how awesome the V-neck of that damned jacket that I’ll never have is. Instead, I’m going to focus on the general combination of items. Sweat pants. Leather jacket. All black. Why does he look so good? It can’t only be his attitude, right? Yes, the neckwear does contribute a lot, but there is something about mixing leather and cotton in this way that I never would have imagined. Moral: There is a way to look hot wearing the most unexpectedly sophisticated pieces of clothing, such as sweat pants. And sneakers. I forgot the sneakers.

Something to look forward to

André Benjamin of Benjamin Bixby, Robert Geller, Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery, David Mullen of Save Khaki, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos, and Yigal Azrouël gathered inside Rockefeller Center last Wednesday Feb. 11 as the candidates for Best New Menswear Designers in America (determined by GQ and the Council of Fashion Designers in America). The party/fashion show that pre-launched Fashion Week showed Fall 2009 looks exclusive to the designers and their brands. The winner, to be announced in a few weeks, will create a special collection available only at Bloomingdale’s and Levi.com for one month, after which other retailers will start selling the collection.