This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here.

A chart accompanying the story “Cafés see steady business” failed to denote which prices included tax, resulting in a misleading ranking. The accurate price listings for a small cup of coffee, after tax, for each shop is as follows:

Bass Cafe: $1.00

Blue Dog Cafe: $1.25

Jojo’s Cafe: $1.33 (for 8 oz. cup)

Dunkin Donuts: $1.47

Willoughby’s (both locations): $1.58

Bruegger’s: $1.69

Starbucks: $1.75

Blue State Coffee: $1.75

The Publick Cup: $1.79

Book Trader Cafe: $1.80

Atticus Cafe (for medium size): $1.86

Woodland Coffee & Tea: $1.86

Claire’s Corner Copia: $1.86