Sample some of Yale’s indie music scene this Friday when AEPi fraternity and WYBC host a concert called Post-Modern Love featuring Harlem Shakes, a band that began at Yale, and Chief, a New York City based band.

The three Yalies in Harlem Shakes — bassist Jose Soegaard ’06, lead singer Alexander “Lexy” Benaim ’06 and keyboardist Thomas Kendrick Strauch ’05 — conceived of the band while they were in New Haven. The former Calhoun College classmates, Soegaard, Benaim and Strauch, along with guitarist Todd Goldstein and drummer Brent Katz, have since toured with the likes of Beirut, Deerhoof and fellow Ivy Leaguers Vampire Weekend. The Village Voice dubbed their self-released EP, Burning Birthdays, “lethally charming” and “poised for certain success.”

Harlem Shakes has performed at Yale three times since they graduated, including at a show last October. Benaim said this will be their first show in over a year and they are excited to play alongside Chief. Event organizer Theo Spielberg ’10 said he first met the band when he interviewed them as an intern at Rolling Stone.

“We’ve kept in touch ever since, and I think they’re just a really great New York City band,” he said.

Harlem Shakes cite pop as a major influence in their work and will release their first full-length album March 24th.

Chief began in Los Angeles, but they have since relocated to New York City, where the four band members — Evan Koga, Danny Fujikawa, Michael Fujikawa and Michael Moonves — reside. On the band’s MySpace page, they write: “If a baby were conceived, and Neil Young was the uncle, it would sound like New York City’s rock quartet Chief.” Since the band’s inception, they have shared the stage with The Stills, The Pigeon Detectives and The Whigs. Their studio album will be released next year.

The concert begins at 10 p.m. at the AEPi house.