Legal adviser to the Department of State is not the only job for which Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh is under consideration. The New York Times lists Koh as a contender to be nominated to the Supreme Court if Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has pancreatic cancer, steps down.

Students mourning the loss of can go to to anonymously spread gossip and rumors about fellow students. While a press release from the site’s founders says “the site is devoted to promoting actual discussion, not provoking salacious posts or personal attacks,” there have already been 10 posts discussing whether a certain Yale sophomore is hot.

The Duke’s Men won first place in the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella quarterfinals at Boston University on Saturday. Sam Tsui ’11, who stars in the YouTube sensation “College Musical,” also won for best solo and best choreography. The group will now compete in the semifinals at MIT on March 21.

European debauchery was preemptively quashed Saturday night when Yale Security threatened to shut down a “Eurotrip” soirée set to take place throughout Old Campus. Security informed freshman counselors of the revelers’ planned antics, and though one suite, alias Turkey, sent a Facebook message suggesting “simply paying the freshman counselors off,” the Yale European Union, the organization invented to sponsor the party, postponed the event until further notice.

Despite security’s best efforts, party-seekers were not out of luck Saturday evening. Students partied hard at the UOFC-sponsored “Carnival,” where one girl was carried out on a stretcher late in the night.

Think New Haven is dangerous? Two students at Trinity College in Hartford were mugged by two men with a sawed-off shotgun right outside their dorm early Friday. Police apprehended and arrested the suspects.

The 60 high school students on campus Friday for Eli Days, a college admissions mentoring program, participated in a scavenger hunt across Yale’s campus, among other activities. According to program organizer Jon Wu ’11, “Two students rated their satisfaction with Eli Days a six on a scale of one to five.”

This day in Yale history

1993 The Yale police department raided four local bars, looking for underage drinkers. Bar owners thought the 45-minute investigations were excessive and disruptive. A manager of one of the raided bars said, “There’s a lot of crime in New Haven, but 15 officers had to come to Demery’s. Kids can’t drink here, but they can buy crack three blocks away.”

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