I met Warren Kimbro last summer on a reporting assignment. It was, as far as I know, my first face-to-face encounter with a murderer. I had never before seen the gregarious man with the handkerchief and round glasses, but when I searched for his name later, I found out — and found myself surprised, for he had been one of the gentlest — and most inspiring — men I had ever before interviewed!

Kimbro died Tuesday. All Yalies should mourn the loss

His story, after all, is not only the story of the Black Panther whose trial led to a mass May Day protest, a bombing at the hockey rink and calls to “burn down Yale.”

His story is also the story of America, of New Haven, of Yale: the story of an institution or individual struggling to do good after doing wrong — and succeeding.

We can learn from him, murderer or not.

Andrew Mangino

Feb. 4

The writer is a senior in Branford College and a former editor in chief of the News.