I was very glad to have had a voice in the article about Yale’s maternity leave policy (“Yale moms balance babies, the checkbook,” Feb. 3). However, I was quoted as saying that at Yale “there isn’t enough of an emphasis placed on valuing people’s babies.” In fact, my statement was pulled out of context and misrepresented my stance on the issue. My opinion is that it would be a welcomed benefit if Yale could find a way to place a greater value on those few very important first months in the life of a new baby before the parent returns to work. Knowing that our like institutions have paid-leave options for new mothers and fathers — in addition to using vacation, sick and unpaid leave to care for a newborn — makes me think that Yale should reconsider its own policy.

I feel privileged to be employed at Yale, especially at the School of Drama. Being fulfilled in my job helps me be a better parent and I am grateful for the abundance of benefits available to not only myself, but also to my family. A change in the maternity/paternity leave policy is an important issue for University administrators to ponder, and I am happy to know that attention has been brought to the subject.

Deborah A. Ellinghaus

Feb. 5

The writer is the senior associate director of development and alumni affairs at the School of Drama.