The bigger the better

Who doesn’t like huge accessories today? Right now, although the gross, black-brown snow is sort of melting, everyone is still freezing. Fortunately, Cerruti, Ann DeMeulemeester and Gianfranco Ferré recently catwalked on Europe’s runways with winter gear designed as though they had us, in cold New Haven, in mind. Particularly, I’m liking the elephantine neckwear: radically poofy scarves almost seem, as fashion critic Paul L. Underwood pointed out, “less accessory than afghan.” In any case, I think yes.

If you say so

Commonwealth Utilities is a sort of new brand (2008) that describes its high-low work as “Champagne and Oreos.” Since their debut, the economy has been more Oreos, yes, yet this new T-shirt (Christopher Lee Sauve) reveals that Anthony Keegan and Richard Christensen are ready for a return to Candy Mountain. But don’t get excited. They don’t mean “Fuck recession — we’ll sell cheap clothes.” The tee is available now for pre-order for $65. Ouch.

Spring and Chuck Bass

Probably the last thing I’m thinking about right now is what I’m going to wear when it gets warm again, once the teeth-chattering temperatures of this winter go away for good. Warm-weather merchandise, however, is hitting stores now, whether we’re ready for it or not. If you want to resemble (or continue resembling) Chuck Bass, you may enjoy Opening Ceremony’s preview of its house line’s spring/summer collection. Nice thighs? Quasi-exhibitionist? Good news from OC. Their shorts are, well, short — and yes, they come in pastel colors. Now seriously, the shorts have very nice details — and I get to be Chuck Bass for the day. I win.

OMG, shoes

Straight from southern California, Pantone has just released their first shoe line. Courtesy of SeaVees (where the whole California theme comes into play — each style is named after an influential day from California’s recent cultural past), the quality and the look of these products place them among the best for the coming spring. And as usual with Pantone, the soul of these smoothly sueded leather vamps is in the seven colors offered, such as pale yellow, reddish orange, slate and, my personal fave, teal (pms 322). Only 1,963 pairs of this line “09/63” (Pantone’s founding date) will be produced — so, run if you want $125 teal shoes.