The Thain Family Café has been turning away tired students since its espresso machine broke on Friday. A cashier said the café is waiting for a part to arrive. The machine is used to heat chai tea and cider as well, so students will have to wait for drinks other than plain coffee and tea.

Also at the café: A poster showcasing various statistics on Yale women has mysteriously appeared near the lockers of Thain Family Café. The culprit? An increasingly noticeable Yale blog, Graphic Feminism.

As Feb Club festivities commence around campus, alums worldwide gear up for their own February fêtes. Tonight’s “Feb Club Emeritus” soirées are set to occur in 19 different cities, including Munich, Kabul, Johannesburg, Kingston and Chattanooga.

A missed flight from Brazil was no obstacle yesterday for professor Elizabeth Stark. She still found time to teach her “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age” class via Google Video Chat. Stark conducted the seminar from a hotel balcony; it proceeded without interruption, except for the occasional passing helicopter.

New Project Lux standings are out, with Calhoun leading the intramural energy competition. Silliman is in last place, having increased its energy use by 51.4 percent, according to STEP.

JuicyCampus is no more, site founder Matt Ivener announced yesterday on the company’s blog. The site is set to shut down today; Ivener blamed its demise on a lack of advertising revenue and venture capital funding. He signed off by telling students to “keep it juicy.”

It’s a snow day! Or at least it was for Elis studying across the pond. Classes for the Yale-in-London program were canceled Monday due to record snowfall, but the inclement weather did not deter President Levin from holding his Yale Tomorrow reception in London that night.

The University of Iowa has surpassed Yale for the ranking of most “Distinguished Dissertations Awards,” a distinction sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools. UI has 9,502 postgraduate students; Yale has 6,082.

It may not be prime college visit season, but it is prime tour guide application season. And that means campus tours today were full of very few prospective students and very many Yalies shadowing.

This day in Yale history
1973 Union Local 217 ended a two-week strike against Mory’s, following an agreement that would allow employees to vote on whether they wished to join the union. The Whiffenpoofs sang on the picket line, to the ire of the strikers, who called them scabs.

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