Emma Watson chose Cambridge. The British actress, who visited Yale twice last semester, will enroll at Trinity College in Cambridge to study English next fall.

Two fire extinguishers in Durfee Entryway C were discharged over the weekend, provoking the ire of Morse Master Frank Keil. Keil e-mailed the freshmen living in Entryway C, and later those living in Entryway B, urging that “the individuals responsible to step forward and face the economic and disciplinary consequences of their actions.” Until that occurs, Keil warned, all freshmen in Entryway C will be fined equally.

Timothydwight.blogspot.com is leading U.S. News’ ranking of the top alternative media outlets of 2008. “We don’t see Harvard on there!” noted the blog’s managers, Max Uhlenhuth ’12 and Josh Pan ’12.

This year’s Feb Club shipped wristbands overnight from China to distribute to senior students at parties throughout the week. But in an e-mail message sent by the organizing committee yesterday afternoon, it was made clear that “Feb Club parties are not open to underclassmen, especially freshmen.”

“Like delicious food? Like the environment? Torn between the two? Now you can choose both.” An e-mail sent by the Jonathan Edwards buttery managers Tuesday night invited students to their first sustainable event, cosponsored by STEP. Customers who brought their own plates and cups obtained their first items for free.

Environmentally friendly discounts will continue at the JE buttery throughout the year. After last night’s launch, customers who provide washable plates and cups for their buttery orders will receive a $0.25 discount off their orders.

“Winter School,” a series of lectures and weekend trips to promote outdoor education and exploration, drew a crowd of 80 to its first meeting on Monday. The program, run by Yale Outdoors, the Yale Mountaineering Club and the 100% Club, meets 7:30 p.m. Monday and Wednesday in Dunham Lab.

Why don’t more animals change their sex? A study conducted in the Yale Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department by Erem Kazancioglu GRD ’10 and professor Suzanne Alonzo revealed that the biological advantages of sequentially changing sex outweigh the costs for many organisms.

This day in Yale history
1987 The Joint Council of Social Chairmen condemned a revision of Yale’s regulations on alcohol, which prohibited residential colleges’ Social Activities Committees from serving any alcoholic beverage other than beer or wine.

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