On this week’s good-look list: the Man-Purse. Yeah, I said it.

Often associated with other ambiguously gendered things such as mannies (male-nannies), the murse has become a trend of which I highly approve.

A murse, in fact, is not just a trend, but a necessity. Backpacks, the primary alternative for males, should be kept to minimal usage and are really only helpful for toting around books from class to class. But the introduction of the murse into many guys’ wardrobes, even to tote books and/or laptops (tiny ones), has sparked a slow decline of backpacks around campus.

Now there are, as always, some crucial bits of information to keep in mind when on the search for a good murse.

1. It must be a cargo bag or anything of the long-shoulder-strap variety.

2. It cannot be or resemble a tote bag.

3. You cannot be wearing athletic wear while carrying your murse.

4. It must be slung across your body or carried on the shoulder (i.e. you should, under no circumstances, carry a bag on or near the crook of your elbow).

The best murse-carrying outfit consists of dark-wash jeans, a button-down shirt or Henley and a peacoat. Obvious variations on this simple outfit for added warmth during the winter are acceptable.

Some famous murse-carrying men include Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Bow Wow and Hugh Jackman — all of whom are stand-up gentleman who scream “manly man.”

Another perk of carrying a murse is that you will inevitably appear to be a stylish man who cares about his looks. If you haven’t gotten the memo, metrosexuality is in. Show your leading lady or gent that you dig a good game on ESPN and a good look.

If you take my advice, chances are that “the bros” will not make fun of your incredibly useful and stylish murse.

*Note: Murse is not the same as MRSA. Do not shy away from carrying a murse because you believe that it is in any way related to a flesh-eating virus. Your murse will not eat you — it loves you!