In a statement Thursday morning, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeff Brenzel said Yale will require applicants to send all their scores for the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests, rejecting the the CollegeBoard’s new Score Choice option that would allow students to reveal only their best scores from individual exams.

Score Choice, which will first become available for the March SAT, has been a point of contention among Yale’s peer institutions. While Harvard University and the University of Chicago have said they will allow applicants to use Score Choice, Stanford and Cornell universities and the University of Pennsylvania have all said they will require students to send all their scores. Princeton University has not yet taken a stance on Score Choice.

In his statement, Brenzel said Yale’s decision is meant to create an equitable application process and prevent the unnecessary testing, strategizing and anxiety associated with the admissions process.

“We believe that our policy maintains a more level playing field for low-income students who cannot afford repeated testing or the expensive test preparation that often accompanies it,” Brenzel wrote. “We also hope that this policy will help to discourage excessive testing and help to simplify testing issues for all of our applicants.”

Yale requires all of its applicants to submit scores from either the SAT or ACT. Brenzel said Yale will also require applicants taking the ACT to submit all their score results.

Students who submit the SAT must also submit two SAT Subject Tests, and regardless of which test an applicant submits, the written portion is required.

One sitting for the SAT Reasoning Test costs $45, and each SAT Subject Test costs either $29 or $40.