Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dean of Admissions Stuart Schmill told the News on Thursday evening that MIT will allow its applicants to select which SAT scores they would like through the new Score Choice policy, which will take effect in March.

“Score Choice is not likely to have any effect on our process, as the differences that students might realize from taking the test over is pretty much noise to us. And so we are not planning on asking students to submit all scores,” he wrote in an e-mail message.

MIT’s decision is aligned with those of Harvard University and the University of Chicago, which will both allow students to use Score Choice.

Yale announced Thursday morning that it would require its applicants to submit all scores from all test dates on the SAT Reasoning and Subject tests. Applicants submitting the ACT to Yale are also required to submit scores from all tests taken. Yale is joined by Stanford, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania in requesting that students submit all scores.

Applicants to the class of 2014 will be the first to be impacted by the SAT’s Score Choice policy.

Applicants to Yale must submit either the SAT Reasoning Test and two SAT Subject Tests or the ACT, and are also required to take the written section of either exam.