Classes start this morning at 8:20 a.m, according to Online Course Information. Elis determined to make the most of their day can take Elementary & Intermediate French, Elementary Kiswahili II or a Spanish class at 8:20 and not stop shopping until Advanced Czech at 8:00 p.m.

Want cups? Ryan Ashayeri ’10 and Anichya Gujral ’10 have started a cup company,, whose mission is to ensure that Elis “NEVER PAY FOR CUPS AGAIN!” Moe’s Southwest Grill has a deal with the company: The cups, about the size of Solo cups, feature Moe’s ads and special offers.

In a New Yorker article, critic Paul Goldberger named the Paul Rudolph Building one of “Architecture’s Ten Best of 2008.” Goldberger called the renovation one of “the finest restorations of great landmarks in memory.”

There’s always Ashley’s. Elis looking to satisfy a sweet tooth face limited options now that Coldstone Creamery, on Temple Street, has gone out of business.

The ‘Snowy’ Saturday Dance Party at Toad’s was notable for the fact that 19-year-olds were allowed entry. An e-mailed flyer from the event stated, “Yep– every Saturday & Wednesday nights, Toads hosts Yale Dance Parties that are now 19+.” But club-goers under 21 have to pay an entry fee of $5 (and can’t drink).

Ivy League obsession continues on “Gossip Girl.” According to, Serena and Blair will find out tonight whether they’ve gotten into the best Ivy early.

This day in Yale history

1928 Walter Theodore Brown was hired as a professor of Biblical Literature and Philosophy of the Christian Religion, to start the following fall. The appointment followed a 1926 decision that attendance at University religious services would be voluntary. According to Dean Clarence W. Mendell 1904, “In the establishment of this new chair, Yale College is partially at least carrying out in the spirit of to-day the traditional purpose of its founders with whom religious education ranked first in importance.”

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