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Firefighters arrived at the senior society Wolf’s Head last night to deactivate a false fire alarm. In their haste to disarm the system, the firefighters left the door open; one News reporter who interviewed a firefighter inside the Wolf’s Head lobby saw a ledger of names, the stuffed head of an unidentified feline (ironically, not a wolf), and a bulletin board with names of Egyptian gods split into two groups, “In Egypt” and “Out of Egypt.” More News staff members attempted to enter the building, but a Wolf’s Head member vigorously closed the front door to keep the property’s contents secret. For more information on Wolf’s Head and other secret societies at Yale, see page B1.

Aldolfo Carrion, Bronx Borough president and a leading contender for a position in the Obama administration, will speak at Slifka after Friday Night Dinner this week. Carrion will discuss Latino-Jewish relations. The event, sponsored by the Yale Hillel and La Casa, is open to the Yale community.

An unidentified student leaned out of a third-floor window in Saybrook College last night to shout at passing Speech and Debate students with a megaphone. One observer reported that the heckler yelled, “Hey! Girl in the white coat! Are you with [the] boy in the red coat? ’Caus if so, he’s not cute enough for you!”

An e-mail invitation to a frat party may not be anything out of the ordinary — but this time, the e-mail was sent by a professor. Dr. Juraj Kojs, the professor for MUSI 295a, Introduction to Electronic Music, forwarded an invitation to the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity’s electro music party on Friday night to students in his class.

Mia mania. Students lined up in front of the Shubert Theater last night beginning at 6 p.m. — two hours early — to purchase half-price student tickets to “Mamma Mia.”

Jonathan Edwards master’s assistant Teri Muro sent an e-mail to JE students yesterday at 10:59 a.m. with the following warning: “Men are climbing on the roof this morning to clean the gutters, close your drapes.” The e-mail included an apology for the late notice about the curtains.

This day in Yale history

1941 Alumnus Dave Dellinger ’36 returned to campus to speak about his experience in prison. Dellinger, who spent a year in the Danbury, Conn. penitentiary, was sentenced for refusing to register for the draft. Although he opposed the draft on principle, Dellinger said he found the prison experience to be rewarding. “If every college man would take a year off from his studies and voluntarily spend that period in a prison, he would be vastly better educated,” Dellinger said.

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