You’re welcome. After it was reported in this space that 20 Davenport students were fined $100 each for leaving trash in their entryway, Robert Daly, the building supervisor for Pierson and Davenport colleges, lowered the fine to $100 per suite. “We also all complained a ton and wrote angry letters to the Master and Dean, but [I] personally like to think it was Cross Campus!” wrote Cristina Costantini ’11 in an e-mail.

Hold it right there. Judicial Watch, a watchdog group famous for investigating the Clinton administration, revealed that as of now, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton LAW ’73 is “constitutionally ineligible” to serve as secretary of state. Article I, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution prohibits elected officials from taking positions in the federal government after raising their salaries. Senate Democrats are hard at work on a bill to lower the secretary of state’s salary to what it was before the New York senator won her seat.

Phillipe Reines, a spokesman for Sen. Clinton, affirmed that she and President-elect Obama had foreseen the situation. “This is a Harvard Law grad nominating a Yale Law grad here,” he said, “so all parties involved have been cognizant of this issue from the outset.”

Contacting Santa just got easier. Children can place letters to St. Nick in a special box on the New Haven Green labeled “Special Delivery to the North Pole” and “To be opened only by Santa or his elves.” No word yet on how the recession is affecting Santa’s endowment.

Preppy British clothing company Jack Wills is holding a “Winter Break” party tonight at BAR at 10:30 p.m. Only those who are over 21 can enter the event, and wristbands, which are being distributed today by members of Yale’s MAYA group, allow the recipient to enjoy an open bar and collect a Jack Wills goody bag of clothes. At the company’s March 2008 party at Toad’s Place, $19 Jack Wills panties were distributed for free.

Cheer a friend, buy a truffle. The Elmseed Enterprise Fund is holding a truffle sale until Dec. 7. According to its Facebook event, “Right when you want to don your festive gear and sing joyous songs of religions to which you don’t necessarily belong, finals roll around, and everything is sad.” Truffles are suggested as the antidote — and all proceeds go toward micro-loans to New Haven residents. The Fund works to promote entrepreneurship through these loans.

This day in Yale history

1968 After a disappointing Bulldog loss to the Cantabs in The Game, Norman Mailer offered insight into the Elis’ defeat. The novelist and Calhoun fellow noted that the team “forgot the fundamental rule of Ivy football: Don’t relax altogether.”

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