Shia LeBeouf, of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” fame, was recently cast as a Yale Law School student in the upcoming film “The Associate.” LeBeouf just can’t seem to tear himself away from Yale — and, in fact, he was accepted to Yale in 2003. LeBeouf said of his future Yale-related plans, “When I get a chance, I’m going to go, but even Yale says, ‘You got opportunities right now; college doesn’t make too much sense.’”

Trash doesn’t pay. The 20 Davenport girls living in entryway C were notified yesterday that they would be fined $100 each — a total of $2,000 — for bags of trash left at the bottom of their stairwell. Robert Daly, the building supervisor of Pierson and Davenport colleges, informed the girls in an e-mail, “Upon inspection of the trash bags, I have found evidence that these bags were from your suites.” Daly noted that he had previously asked the girls to properly dispose of their trash, but that “it is apparent that my previous methods have had no affect [sic] on how trash is handled.”

A vigil for the victims of the Mumbai attacks is scheduled for today at 5:15 p.m. on Cross Campus. The event is a collaborative effort of numerous Yale organizations, including the University Chaplain’s Office. Flyers distributed for the event urged students to “come and light a candle of hope in the midst of darkness as we remember those who lost their lives and their dear ones.”

“We are in the developing world in New Haven,” according to Gregg Gonsalves, an Eli Whitney student and AIDS activist. At last night’s panel on “AIDS and the American City: Spotlight on New Haven,” Gonsalves compared the Elm City to Cape Town, saying that both cities are heavily segregated and that HIV infections and poverty are much higher in the black sections of the cities. He stressed the need for individual action, saying, “Barack Obama is not going to save us.”

Despite Gonsalves’ warnings, the Connecticut Department of Health is proposing a 40 percent budget cut for state AIDS services. The Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition has started a campaign to call Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s office, requesting that she not go through with the proposed cut.

This day in Yale history

1979 Telephones rang mysteriously around campus, prompting students and teachers to pick up, only to find themselves talking to random people around the nation. Nothing seemed to be wrong with the hardware, leaving repairmen puzzled about the cause. “We don’t think it’s a prank,” said W. S. Hildebrand, a manager of communications. One Calhoun junior was connected with strangers in Washington, D.C., Omaha and Phoenix — and an irritable nurse on night duty at DUH.

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