Fashion trends may come and go each season, but Ivy League style is, apparently, timeless.

“Take Ivy,” a fashion book featuring Ivy League style from the 1960s was recently sold on eBay for $1,424.99. The photos were taken by Japanese photographer Cullen Hayashida, who ventured behind the prestigious gates of all eight Ivy universities to capture the style of the era.

The glossy pages reveal that the stereotypical preppy Ivy League look has transcended the decades — sweater sets and seersucker apparently never go out of style. Though most Yalies would not wear ties for informal occasions, plaid flannel shirts and cardigans are still staples in Yalies’ closets.

Annie Doud ’11 found some of the late sixties trends out of date, but would not have been surprised if they were photos from today.

“The pant styles are the most noticeable difference,” she said. “I didn’t realize that ‘man-pris’ existed back then, but I think the bigger question is why someone would pay that much for this book.”

The exorbitant price of the book is perhaps the most surprising thing about it. After all, in the fashion world, $1500 could be better spent.