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Game-related injury. In the first quarter of The Game, spectators at Harvard Stadium looked on in horror as paramedics carried Yale cheerleader Jeannie Poland ’08 GRD ’09 off the field in a stretcher and neck brace. Poland was dropped during the construction of the classic human pyramid. Lindsay Barbee ’09, the co-captain of the cheerleading team, said that the girl holding Poland could not feel her hands due to the cold. As a result, when Poland shifted her weight, the supporting cheerleaders failed to notice and adjust accordingly, causing Poland to tumble dangerously to the ground. In an interview with the News Sunday, Poland said she did not sustain any serious injuries.

Passing the torch. Saybrook students gathered in the Stone Courtyard at 11:40 last night to count down to the midnight transfer of power from former Saybrook master and new dean of Yale College, Mary Miller, to her husband, Japanese studies professor Edward Kamens, whose tenure as master of the college begins today. Saybrugians sipped Mexican hot chocolate and enjoyed s’mores while braving the cold to show support for the new administration under Master Kamens.

New colleges go Green. In the University’s latest move to promote environmentally conscious decisions, the Yale College Council and the Yale Student Environmental Coalition unveiled the “New Residential Colleges Committee for Green Design” last night. The undergraduate committee will offer suggestions and guidelines for “environmentally sustainable construction,” according to an e-mail sent to the student body by the YCC Executive Board.

Students stranded in Philly. Of the six commercial flights scheduled to land in New Haven yesterday, only three actually arrived at Tweed Airport. Passengers hoping to board U.S. Airways Flight 4210, slated to depart Philadelphia for the Elm City at 4:55 p.m., were bumped to the next flight, set to take off at 6:55 p.m. After further delays, the flight finally arrived in New Haven at 11:13 p.m. “Massive flight delays and cancellations to New Haven turned this airport terminal into a less social but equally grim version of Bass Library,” noted William Kletter ’10.

Leave that fake at home! Starting in January, dance parties at Toad’s will be open to anyone ages 19 and over.

This day in Yale history

1957 An electrical short-circuit in Bingham Hall caused a fire to erupt in the room of Robert Steinkamp ’61. The couch on which Steinkamp was sitting burst into flames. The blaze destroyed much of the furniture in the room, but left other rooms in the suite untouched. Steinkamp emerged from the fire unscathed, and no other students were harmed during the incident.

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