The News asks professors and administrators for their best guess about how the Elis will fare on Saturday.

Yale 14, Harvard 6

As the song goes, Harvard’s team may fight to the end but Yale will win.

—Joseph Gordon Acting dean, Yale College

I predict that the winner will be one of the teams: Yale or Harvard.

—William C. Summers, professor, therapeutic radiology, molecular biophysics and biochemistry and history of medicine

Multiple Yale interceptions, capped by Casey Gerald’s second in two games (and one career) will humiliate Harvey and change the philosophy of football itself.

—Charles Hill, diplomat-in-residence

Yale wins by 6. Final score: Yale 20, Harvard 14. We’ve got a score to settle.

—Marichal Gentry, dean of student affairs

The best predictions for something like this are the predictions from betting markets. So whatever the betting markets predict is what I predict. Also, even if I had a different view, I would keep quiet in the interest of family peace. One of my children went to Yale and one went to Harvard, so the game is a sensitive issue.

Ray Fair, professor of economics

Yale 17, Harvard 10, with two touchdowns by Mike McLeod of JE!

—Harold Hongju Koh, dean of the Yale Law School

Yale 13, Harvard 0

—Jon Butler, dean of the Graduate School

Yale 14, Harvard 3

“Harvard’s team will fight to the end but Yale-will-win!!” Yale defense dominates. And on offense, McLeod runs for 100+ yards as an effective passing game spreads the Harvard defense.

—Provost Peter Salovey

Bulldogs by a nose, maybe even a jowl. Preferably a jowl locked solidly onto the ankle of John Harvard.

—Dean of Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel

Clearly, Yale is going to win.

—Gus Speth, dean of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Yale by a field goal

—Jock Reynolds, director of the Yale University Art Gallery

Yale 14, Harvard, 6

—James Perrotti, chief of the Yale Police Department

Yale 27, Harvard 17

—James Jones, men’s basketball coach

As I look into my crystal ball I see murky red outlines in disarray, Harvard hurled to nothingness by stalwart men in blue,Yale’s finest, hitting them with strategy, training, confidence and muscle. In simpler phrasing: I expect Eli to crush Harvard, totally.

—Robert Thompson, master of Timothy Dwight College