Darth Vader was spotted roaming Cross Campus in search of a long-lost love, according to multiple readers. He found her studying, sources say, around midnight Monday, leading to a light-saber fight broken up, oddly enough, by Batman, who they in turn choked. “Wonderfully, though,” one reader reported, “this act of mutual brutality reunited the evil couple, and they walked off into the night holding hands and breathing heavily into their masks.”

The senior manager of ASA Transit said the two additional Harvard buses to go on sale yesterday — only to be sold out minutes later — were, truly, the last. “Unfortunately,” Bob Casey ’10 told the News, “there will be no more buses offered.” Attributing demand to the economic downturn and the fact that rates this year are subsidized, Casey said no further vehicles can be ordered because Peter Pan, the bus company with which ASA has an exclusive contract, is already “pushing their limit.”

In the final 42 seconds of the 1968 Game, Harvard scored 16 points, coming from behind to tie Yale — or, as The Crimson reported the next day, “beat” the Bulldogs, 29-29. Forty years later, the long-anticipated documentary of the event, “Harvard beats Yale 29-29,” is debuting at Criterion Cinemas with today’s 12:20 p.m. showing. “Director Kevin Rafferty pulls off the same neat trick Harvard accomplished,” writes The Hartford Courant, “segueing from a failed first half into a triumphant second half.”

During yesterday’s sit-in at the Yale Investments Office, some students wanting to visit UCS — housed two floors below in the same building — were told they needed an appointment. Even then, plain-clothes officers escorted the students to ensure they did not join the fifth-floor protest.

With just days remaining before the 10-year anniversary of Suzanne Jovin’s ’99 murder, the Cold Case Unit investigating her unsolved slaying is working overtime for breakthroughs. “Especially because of the anniversary [Dec. 4] … we really have been working pretty diligently,” said detective Richard Wardell. “We have been able to make contacts that weren’t made previously.”

Eric Holder, reportedly Barack Obama’s pick for attorney general, may have attended Columbia Law School, but at least one Yale Law professor is embracing the likely appointment. “He’s helped to run a large bureaucracy, and he has no blots on his record,” Peter Schuck said, calling Holder’s credentials “sterling.”

Elena Kagan, dean of Harvard Law School, may be tapped as deputy attorney general, according to Newsweek.

This day in Yale history

1968 President Brewster announced Yale would admit 500 female freshmen in the fall.

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