Yale wins Wales Quality Award. Yale College Wrexham, that is. Although the Welsh educational institution must always be legally referred to as “Yale College Wrexham” or “Yale College of Wrexham, Wales” after a trademark infringement lawsuit by Yale University in 1999, the “Wrexham” part was omitted from the award publicity literature, which only states “Overall winner for 2008: Yale College.” In any case: Take that, Harvard.

Getting to The Game: Mission impossible? Several students reported inconsistencies with the electronic booking of bus tickets organized by the Associated Student Agencies: missing e-mail confirmations, multiple credit card charges or no charges at all. Sounds familiar? Do not fret; there is a list with all reservations available at the ASA office.

And if you still don’t have a ticket, keep pushing. A senior administrative official said there will be more buses added if there’s enough student outcry.

Coming Home, Coming Out. Over 35 students gathered at the Women’s Center last night to participate in a discussion organized by the Queer Peers. Attendees shared stories and offered advice about coming out over the holiday break. “It was helpful for those of us who have come out here at Yale but not yet at home,” a student said.

The Yale Responsible Endowment Project filled LC 103 with its kickoff event last night where speakers discussed the ways some Yale investments have directly affected their lives. See article, page 5.

YEU-YIRA debate: Divided We Stand. Attendees at the discussion panel about the “future of the EU as a global factor” held Monday afternoon found it to be more of a lecture emphasizing the successes of the EU. Yet participants were glad to hear “what’s really going on” in the sphere of international politics “by people that actually work there,” as Simon Chaffetz ’12 put it.

Gallery Talk: “Using Confusion.” If “First Doubt: Optical Confusion in Modern Photography” was a little too confusing, a talk presented by Philip Pisciotta, a photographer and lecturer from the Yale School of Art, may help straighten things out. The lecture is scheduled for 4 p.m. today at the Yale University Art Gallery.

This day in Yale history

1961 Four Yale undergraduates and a member of the Yale School of Drama traveled to Baltimore, Md., to participate in a “freedom ride” to protest segregation in the city’s restaurants. One member of the New Haven coalition was arrested and later released after posting bail.

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