Unmarked boxes containing $3.9 million in cash were carted into Stiles under the cover of night on Wednesday. The cash, paper money printed at Tyco earlier that afternoon, will be used at Saturday’s annual Casino Night, held in the Morse and Stiles dining halls.

Minors? The YCC Executive Board sent a survey to the student body last night addressing YCC spending, financial aid reform and the possibility of allowing Yale students to pursue academic minors. “I’m annoyed Yale is just now thinking about changing this policy the year before I graduate. It’s a minor disappointment,” Jennie Nevin ’10 said.

Water woes. Wednesday’s scheduled water-outage in McClellan Hall was necessitated by an eco-friendly toilet that had been flushing “with a great deal of force” for over 72 hours straight, depleting the water supply in the entire building.

Say good night, polar bears. According to a collaborative study released by 10 scientists, including two Eli professors, the Earth’s carbon dioxide levels may have already reached a dangerous level. The study shows that “we have reached CO2 levels that compromise the stability of the polar ice sheets,” as geology and geophysics professor Mark Pagani put it in a news release yesterday.

Rumba! Acclaimed Latin dancer Felix “Pupy” Insua from Havana, Cuba, came to Robert Thompson’s New York City Mambo class earlier this week to give a demonstration of the Rumba. Students were learning about the Afro-Atlantic roots of the dance through Thompson’s lectures.

Back to middle school. Stiles hosted a sleepover in the college’s common room last night. Stilesians gathered to play games, watch movies and “return to the days of eighth grade awkwardness.”

Amherst to join Yale? No, the other Yale. A corporate merger between AOL and Yahoo is in the works, and the two companies have taken Amherst and Yale as their respective code names. According to Kara Swisher, the digital issues reporter for The Wall Street Journal’s San Francisco bureau, “The deal might take another semester to come together … if it happens at all.”

This day in Yale history

1973 Attendees at Yale’s Alumni weekend voted resoundingly to impeach Nixon. Participants were asked, “Should the House Judiciary Committee pursue its inquiry into the possibility of impeachment?” The study reported that 69.5 percent of Yale alumni who responded to the survey favored the impeachment of President Nixon, 27.7 percent did not and 2.8 percent had no opinion on the matter.

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