By Margy Slattery

CHICAGO, 2:00 a.m. — Over the course of the presidential campaign, the face president-elect Barack Obama has become something of a graphic-design fetish, gracing posters, T-shirts and buttons, among other paraphernalia.

Tuesday night the senator’s signature visage could be found on nearly every visitor at his Grant Park election rally.

The campaign’s iconic sunrise within an “O” was a common design on shirts, hats, shoes and buttons. “Barack your world,” some shirts said, or “Mama for Obama.” Another depicted the senator as Superman, his shirt parted to reveal not an “S” but an “O.”

Hours before Obama’s victory, it was clear from shirts for sale on the sidewalk that confidence in Obama was high.

“Commander in chief,” one shirt featuring Obama’s face said. Another depicted the front page of the Chicago Tribune announcing news of Obama’s win.

“Listen,” an Obama keychain vendor shouted to potential customers early in the night. “Wake up tomorrow and tell your friends you got the keys to the White House.”