By Zeke Miller

NEW HAVEN, 1:30 p.m. – We are about six-and-a-half hours away from when polls across the state close. Here is what you should be looking out for in Connecticut tonight:

1. Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District – Rep. Chris Shays, the last Republican congressmen from New England is facing a tough re-election battle against Democrat Jim Himes. Latest polls show them tied, each with 44 percent of the vote. I’ll be in Norwalk later today with reporters Ray Carlson and Wendy Wang to keep you updated. (To get the full scoop on this race check out today’s News or click here.)

2. Ballot Questions – Connecticut voters are faced with two ballot questions today. The first calls for a convention to amend the state constitution, while the second will lower the voting age in primaries to 17. The Constitutional Convention question has become a contentious issue with the “No” side raising over $1 million to prevent it from passing, claiming that it will be used to pass anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage laws. Supporters do not have the same financial backing, but a recent poll shows that 50% of voters support the measure, mostly for non-ideological reasons. For more information click here and here.

3. General Assembly – Democrats are expected to maintain a veto-proof majority in the State House of Representatives while picking up at least one of the seats necessary to give them the same autonomy in the State Senate.

4. Incumbent Democrats John Larson, Joe Courtney, Rosa DeLauro and Chris Murphy are seeking re-election. None of them are facing particularly challenging races. DeLauro, who represents New Haven, is running against Republican Bo ItsHaky and Green Party Candidate Ralph Ferrucci.

5. Greenwich – the traditionally Republican stronghold is looking like it may be turning more Blue.

Check back later for more CT Election coverage.