The following is a transcript from last night’s widely unpublicized fourth presidential debate. As a response to the impending digital age and in order to connect with young voters, it was held in a Public AOL Chatroom.

Thursday 10-30-08 8:01:00 EST

BrokAwesome: Good evening from all of us here at AOL > ChatForum > Interests > Politics/Current Events/Weather. I’m Tom Brokaw of NBC News. And welcome to the fourth presidential debate, sponsored by the New Facebook.

BrokAwesome: We are making history 2nite, with the first online presidential debate! Each candidate will have approximately 4 lines of chat to respond. PPL have been selected from an online poll. Please no applause lol JK. May we introduce the two candidates? Senator Obama?

MrCool61: Thanx, Tom. It is my pleasure 2 B here. First off, I’d like 2 thank Senator McCain for agreeing 2 meet me here 2nite. The American people R tired of the same old debate format and I think it’s refreshing 2 see the future of debating happen today. It’s a nice CHANGE lol!

BrokAwesome: Thanx, Senator Obama.

BrokAwesome: Senator McCain/? has joined the Chat password hello?

MrCool61: haha

BrokAwesome: Lets just move on to the first question. This comes 2 us from Jeanette in Mountain Hills, Nevada.

sExYxYgAl696969: Thank you, Tom. This question is for Senator McCain. Amidst the growing economic uncertainty, what would be your first action as President to control the spiraling global economic crisis? thank you jeanette thank you for your thoughtful question. americans are angry their upset, and theyre a little fearful. its our job to f ix the problem obama cant fix it my friends!

BrokAwesome: Senator Obama, your response?

BrokAwesome: 😉

MrCool61: Thanx, Jeanette. We need 2 do lots of things.

MrCool61: We need 2 fix health care

MrCool61: We need better education > : (

MrCool61: Mebe tax cuts too?/

MrCool61: I wasnt done John’s warning level has been increased to 17%

BrokAwesome: Why dont we move on? Our next question comes from Roger in Dayton City, Carolina.

Roger987349857332: wanna see my webcam for FREE? http//

MrCool61: That saddens me Tom. You see, thats a result of the failed ecomonic policies of Bush/McCain. He is charging nothing for his webcam.

BrokAwesome: Great answer ; ) how do i make the font bigger o nvrm

AlaskaGal45 has entered the Chat.


AlaskaGal45 has been booted from the Chat.

MrCool61: Who was that? dunno anyways lets keep going

BrokAwesome: I have a qeustion directed at both of the candidates. Health care, energy, and Entitlement Reform. How would you prioritize these things?

MrCool61: 1. energy

MrCool61: 2. health care has left the Chat. has entered the Chat. whoops

MrCool61: 3. entitlement reform

MrCool61: but more importantly, we need to focus on:

MrCool61: change

MrCool61: hope

MrCool61: a positive future

MrCool61: something america can all agree on


MrCool61: Sry ; – ) 2 cute!

BrokAwesome: Lol, that is adorable. Senator McCain? my friend joe the plumber sent me this. i want to direct americas attention to this website. joe if your out there reading this is for you my friend’s warning level has been increased to 34%

MrCool61: haha ew nvrm

MrCool61: Pwned

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ProfAyers111: yo b-man whyd you block me

ProfAyers111 has been booted from the Chat. wtf who was that?

MrCool61: Dunno

MrCool61: Prob no1

BrokAwesome: Ok our time is almost up. Let’s do final statements now. Sum up your beliefs in one word or an emoticon of your choice.

MrCool61: Vote for the cool one! : – ) maverck maverck maverck guys thnk my eye key snt workng has left the Chat.

BrokAwesome: Thank you all for joining us 2nite in such a revolutionary format

: ) The election is Nov 4. Don’t forget to Barack the Vote, everybody.

BrokAwesome: TTYL, America.

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HILLdawg4prez: hey guys whats up

BrokAwesome has left the Chat.

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HILLdawg4prez: i h8 my life