The “Tenth Circle” of hell will come into being in Pierson on Friday, allowing willing students to “delve deeper into the Inferno.” The college’s gate and clock tower face have already been decorated, and red and orange floodlights adorn the tower. A graveyard has sprung up in front of the Master’s Office.

Haunted Silliman. The college’s annual Haunted House, tonight at 8 p.m., asks students in its Facebook event to “descend into its frightful basement and prepare to meet your destiny of fear!” Or at least as frightful as a basement could be after $100 million in renovations.

Meanwhile, the NHPD isn’t quite as excited about the upcoming festivities. They requested tonight that local merchants not sell items that could be used for Halloween pranks — such as eggs, toilet paper, shaving cream and soap — to minors.

Freshmen looking for cheap, late-night snack food need no longer wish for an Old Campus buttery. Nourish International has begun to offer $1 pancakes (or 3 for $2) in Dwight Hall. This new “Pancakes for Poverty” tradition will continue every Wednesday night from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., promise group co-founders Elena Bryce ’09 and Arvind Nagarajan ’09, who dressed last night as a cardboard pancake.

Rock on? Jazz on, that is. The Charles Mingus jazz orchestra will perform Saturday at 8 and 9 p.m. in the Branford College dining hall. The college’s master, political science professor Steven Smith, encouraged students to attend. “This is unlikely to happen again in your lifetimes!” he wrote in a collegewide e-mail message.

This day in Yale history

1978 Yalies were reported to be in love with their waterbeds — though the beds were made illegal across the University this year due to the risk of water damage and lack of storage space for unused beds. Cary Leeds ’79 reported that he “kept two goldfish in the bed last year” and that sleeping on it caused him to dream of surfing. But Karen Kreiger ’79 reported a downside to the beds: “They’re terrible when you’re drunk.”

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