The city Halloween parade, originally slated for today, was postponed to Friday, ostensibly because of today’s frigid weather. Then again, another explanation might be that Friday is actually Halloween.

Yalies looking to sell their liver for beer money may be out of luck. The Party of the Left last night narrowly rejected a motion to allow the sale of bodily organs, with a final vote of 12-14-4. Despite the failure of the resolution, Adam Stempel ’11 observed, “I left my heart at the POL debate.” Looks like Elis will have to continue to subject themselves to psych experiments, not organ harvesting, for that extra cash … though egg and sperm donation is always an option.

The line snaked outside City Hall Tuesday on the last day to register to vote. After all, ballot boxes do not accept deans’ excuses.

A cappella heartthrob Sam Tsui ’11 has become somewhat of an overnight YouTube sensation. Since a three-minute video of him singing all four parts of a “High School Musical” ballad was posted Monday evening, it has already received over 1,000 hits.

First Rudolph Hall, now the Branford dining hall. An Obama campaign poster now hangs prominently under the hall’s main portrait. Meanwhile, Allegra Print & Imaging continues to display its support for Joe the Plumber.

The San Diego Union-Tribune gave Yale’s West Coast golfers a lengthy shout-out Tuesday. The campus, it says, “can be the stuff of J. K. Rowling prose.” It continues, “The October air is crisp. The mixture of shade and sunlight shows off the quirks and character of Yale’s Gothic Revival buildings, especially those of the nine-story Harkness Tower, with its enormous clocks and gargoyles.” The Development Office couldn’t have said it better itself.

To celebrate Latino Heritage Month, Stiles Master Stephen Pitti hosted a reception with Puerto Rican, Mexican and Dominican food. Ben Gonzalez ’09 asked those in attendance to honor their parents’ sacrifices: “I’m glad my father crossed the border,” he said, “so that I can cross the line in Commons.”

This day in Yale history

1980 A week after independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson spoke to 1,000 students in Battell Chapel, the official Yale University flag that had gone missing during his talk was returned to the Secretary’s Office in Woodbridge Hall. The flag, given back in a brown bag, was one of five lent to Anderson’s campaign for the event. The University had threatened to charge Anderson $300 for its replacement, so the return was good news for a campaign that ultimately received some 5,720,060 popular votes but no electoral votes.

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