If Georgie Fruit ate the movie “Yellow Submarine” for breakfast and then had a party at his drafting table, the result would be the music video for Of Montreal’s “Id Engager.”

The video for the first single from Of Montreal’s new album allures, bamboozles and amuses with its boogie aura. Directed by Marc Reisbig and Hanne Berkaak, video footage and animation combine to create a colorful and mad world where drawings of beastly characters sway to the beat, mouth the lyrics and transform into other equally bizarre creatures. A monacled man in a red dress becomes a scarecrow-faced, furry-bodied creature in rain boots. A cowboy alien becomes a disco dude with saw legs. A green man’s pineapple head becomes an umbrella. An absurd mini-story unfolds every three seconds.

When the video is done, you might have some eccentric ideas for a Halloween costume. But if there’s any meaning to be found in the video for “Id Engager,” it’s that art has a life of its own.