“Rumspringa” is the name for the time that Amish teenagers are given to explore the “The Devil’s Playground” (America, in general). When the time is up, they must decide whether they should stay at home or head into the outside world.

Rumspringa is also a young indie band heading towards New Haven; you can check out AEPi this Saturday to hear the Los Angeles, Calif. electro-hippy duo play.

Their general aesthetic is a distorted one, like the M.C. Escher painting they have on their MySpace page. “Americana/Jungle/Funk” is how they describe themselves. Joey Stevens’ weird lyrics and drawn-out guitar-playing are complimented by Itaru de la Vega’s drum rhythms.

The band’s tone is like a West Coast version of the Brooklyn Firey Furnaces, but lighter and more upbeat.

One really feels when listening to their self-titled EP that they want to get away from civilization, that this jaunt through “The Devil’s Playground” in “a city that man designed” is almost too much for them. They praise their animal nature in “InTheJungle,” their best track. “In the jungle is where I left far behind the beast in my human mind, oh the soul of a cannonball,” sings Joey Stevens to a mishmash of warped notes, a drum machine and various percussion instruments.

Hopefully New Haven will like Rumspringa, since they’ve obviously had problems with The East before: “You’ve got East Coast brothers try’na give you some lip,” intones Stevens at one point in “Goldmine.”

You’ve gotta respect them; they’re just a couple of guys “playing the sounds [they] love, for people who want it, and maybe don’t want it.”