Get well soon. English department registrar Ruben Roman suffered a brain aneurysm and is scheduled for surgery today. Over a dozen students have sent him good wishes via Facebook wall post.

An American tradition? Piersonites who don’t celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving were not able to eat in their dining hall last night. It was closed for the Canadian Thanksgiving Gala, featuring the 2008 World Fellow John Haffner and Master Goldblatt’s renditions of the Canadian anthem in both English and French.

Flash flood. Several Ezra Stiles College students were summoned to an impromptu sleepover in the Stiles game room and common room when a water main burst late Friday night. Justin Lowenthal ’11 claims the flooding was caused by a door slamming into a sprinkler head. Though nothing valuable was destroyed in his room, “it was a huge scare and a huge hassle.”

Condom shortage. When Jocelyn Traina ’10, Davenport’s “Condom Girl,” went to University Health Services last week to pick up condoms for the college, she was told that there were none available due to a condom theft the week prior. “I shouldn’t have to look very far to find condoms,” Traina said.

Speaking of condoms, RALY and the LGBT Co-Op will host a Queer Safer Sex Workshop with Planned Parenthood of Connecticut educator T.R. Richardson tonight at 7:30 in the Women’s Center. Free condoms and lube will be available.

In 1492 … The Association of Native Americans at Yale celebrated Indigenous People’s Day with drumming and frybread, a fried flat dough, on Beinecke Plaza yesterday. The day was created to protest Columbus Day and to honor Native American culture.

Mouse Hunt. Timothy Dwight may no longer be the only dining hall with a vermin problem. Last week, a student studying in Jonathan Edwards’ dining hall late one night saw a mouse scurry across the floor. Yale Pest Control was notified and is on the case.

That’s Ludacris. The New York Post reported that the rapper Ludacris contacted the secret society Manuscript in hopes of being “honored” with admission to the group. According to the article, the rapper thought Manuscript was a “literary society” but was denied entry.

This Day in Yale History

1969 Three hundred students and faculty pledged to a “total fast” as a response to the moratorium to end the war in Vietnam. Professor Vincent Scully, then-master of Morse College, suggested the idea.

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