While Bill Clinton LAW ’73 electrified the 2,000 Law School alumni and affiliates who were lucky enough to get a ticket to his speech in Woolsey Hall, several hundred seats in the third-floor balcony were empty. Law School spokeswoman Jan Conroy said by the time Law School administrators knew they had about 500 seats left over, it was too late to distribute them fairly. Those who didn’t get to go were simply left pleading, “But, but…”

Saxophonist James Moody — an alumnus of Dizzy Gillespie’s band but most famous for his sultry ballad, “Moody’s Mood for Love” — performed with his quartet in Sprague Hall Friday evening. The Yale School of Music awarded Moody, 83, a Duke Ellington medal, a prize originally awarded in 1972 to the Duke himself and 31 other jazz icons.

Henry Kissinger attended a dinner at the Center for British Art Friday with luminaries from the class of 1959, including Winston Lord ’59, former president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Apples to Apples. The city is hosting an apple-themed party this coming Thursday in an effort to lure Apple into opening a new store in downtown New Haven.

“Random chicken pieces” in dining hall ingredients are now “random-size chicken pieces.” Thanks for clarifying.

Sketchberry, the new faux fro-yo shop on High Street, now has a name: “The Liberry.” Its motto? Lux et Berritas.

The Sophomore Class Council is missing a representative from Davenport College. Speaking of which, Davenport’s dishwasher has been broken for several days, leaving the embattled dining hall with plastic plates.

To kick off a breast-cancer awareness week, about a dozen students decked the campus in pink ribbons and chalk last night. Colleges Against Cancer sold cookies and t-shirts on Beinecke Plaza, with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Sleep tight, Saybrook. The City of New Haven approved nighttime construction along Elm Street for Sunday and Monday nights, bringing a crane, a backhoe, bright work lights, dust and noise to the site. Saybrugians were encouraged to close their windows and pick up complimentary ear plugs at the master’s office.

JE’s newly renovated library will open informally today, featuring an “open mic” at the piano in the Taft Reading Room.


1915Construction plans for an artillery battery and a drill building at Yale were approved by the Connecticut State Militia.

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